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E-Mail Address
Acharya, Sanjit PSS Cellulosic composite materials sanjit.acharya@ttu.edu
Andrenko, Iryna PSS   iryna.andrenko@ttu.edu
Asher, Brady (Scott) PSS Vertical mobility, soil adsorption and cotton tolerance to three protoporphyrinogen oxidase (PPO) inhibiting herbicides in three West Texas soils. scott.asher@ttu.edu
Ayele, Addissu G. PSS   addissu.ayele@ttu.edu
Baker, Brian Scott PSS Mapping Fiber Quality Distribution In U.S. Commercial Upland Cotton Varieties scott.baker@ttu.edu
Balasubramanian, Vimal Kumar PSS Plant cell wall Biosynthesis and Bioengineering vimal-kumar.balasubramanian@ttu.edu
Baliga, Vikram PSS   Vikram.Baliga@ag.tamu.edu
Ballesteros, Robert PSS   robert.ballesteros@ttu.edu
Baxter, Lisa PSS Forages lisa.baxter@ttu.edu
Bhandari, Krishna PSS   krishna.bhandari@ttu.edu
Bouyanfif, Amal PSS   a.bouyanfif@ttu.edu
Brauer, Karl PSS   karl.brauer@ttu.edu
Buiphu, Namanh PSS Identification of Cotton microRNAs Implicated in Water-Deficit Stress namanh.buiphu@ttu.edu
Burke, Joseph PSS   joseph.burke@ttu.edu
Cao, Chang PSS   chang.cao@ttu.edu
Chagoya, Jennifer PSS   j.chagoya@ttu.edu
Clark, Justin PSS   jsclarktn@gmail.com
Cobos, Christopher PSS   chris.cobos@ttu.edu
Conley, Travis O. PSS Unknown title  travis.conley@ttu.edu
Cranford, Paul Horticulture   paul.cranford@ttu.edu
Culpepper, Travis PSS   travis.j.culpepper@ttu.edu
Dhakal, Madhav PSS   madhav.dhakal@ttu.edu
Discua Duatre, Samuel PSS   samuel.discua@ttu.edu
Dissanayakeralalage, Niwanthi PSS   niwanthi.dissanayake@ttu.edu
Drake, Tanner PSS   tanner.s.drake@ttu.edu
Dryer, Austin PSS   austin.dryer@ttu.edu
Dube, Nothabo PSS   nothabo.dube@ttu.edu
Duda, Bogdan Matei PSS   Bogdan.duda@ttu.edu
Echevarria Laza, Haydee J. PSS   haydee.laza@ttu.edu
Fernandez, Melania PSS   melania.fernandez@ttu.edu
Gallington, Nicholas PSS   nicholas.gallington@ttu.edu
Gaus, Teresa A. PSS Corn breeding Looking at Teosintes
Gendron, Jake PSS   jake.gendron@ttu.edu
Graff, Emily HSCI V&E emily.graff@ttu.edu
Grams, Jason HSCI   jason.grams@ttu.edu
Grant, James PSS   james.grant@ttu.edu
Gregory, Ryan PSS Visual Field Screening Strategy for Purity and Seed Quality in Conventional Cotton Breeding Nurseries.  (AgriLife Assistanceship) ryan.gregory@ttu.edu
Halfmann, Gregory Scott PSS Phosphorous Applications Efficiency in Cotton scott.halfmann@ttu.edu
Hall, Anna PSS   anna.hall@bayer.com
Hatfield, Victoria PSS   victoria.hatfield@ttu.edu
Hinds, Zachary PSS   zach.hinds@ttu.edu
Hopkins, Mishon PSS   mishon.hopkins@ttu.edu
House, Kelsey PSS   kelsey.house@ttu.edu
James, Jacob PSS   jacob.james@ttu.edu
Jewett, Christopher PSS   christopher.jewett@ttu.edu
Johnson, Sharon Horticulture   sharon.johnson@ttu.edu
Kaur, Jaspreet PSS   jaspreet.kaur@ttu.edu
Kerlin, John Harnsworth Horticulture   john.kerlin@ttu.edu
Keys, Kristie PSS   kristie.keys@ttu.edu
Kitazumi, Ai PSS    ai.kitazumi@ttu.edu
Koole, Lindsay Horticulture   lindsay.koole@ttu.edu
Koonce, Austin PSS    austin.koonce@ttu.edu
Kubik, Mikale PSS   mikale.kubik@ttu.edu
Kulkarni, Roshan PSS   roshan.kulkarni@ttu.edu
Kusi, Nana Yaw Owusu PSS   nana-yaw.kusi@ttu.edu
Li, Chenhui PSS "Biodegradable Mulches: Short-Term and impacts on Soil Health"  Added PhD to program - 03/11/2013 chenhui.li@ttu.edu
Li, Li Hort    lee.li@ttu.edu
Liu, Xiaoxiao PSS   xiaoxiao.liu@ttu.edu
Liyanage, Sumedha Priyadarshani PSS Chemical and physical characterization of galactomannan extracted from guar seeds. Added PhD Spring 2014 sumedha.liyanage@ttu.edu
Macha, Nicholas PSS   nick.s.macha@ttu.edu
Manuchehri, Misha PSS Influence of Water Quality on Glyphosate Performance and Evaluation of Enlist™ Weed Control Systems in Texas High Plains Cotton misha.manuchehri@ttu.edu
Martin, Vikki PSS   vikki.martin@ttu.edu
Merchant, Rand PSS   rand.merchant@ag.tamu.edu
Mills, Sherah PSS V&E sherah.mills@ttu.edu
Mishra, Deepika PSS Optimize selection of cotton for fiber quality traits deepika.mishra@ttu.edu
Moeller, Mark PSS   mark.moeller@ttu.edu
Moss, Cameron PSS   cameron.moss@ttu.edu
Mull, Cody PSS Evaluation of different ginning treatments for yield and fiber estimates in small plot research cody.mull@ttu.edu
Nemire, Bryan Jacob PSS   bryan.nemire@ttu.edu
Norman, Kevin PSS   kevin.norman@ttu.edu
Obenhaus, Luke PSS Water Regression Analysis on Cotton luke.obenhaus@ttu.edu
Pabuayon, Isaiah PSS   isaiah-catalino.pabuayon@ttu.edu
Parajuli, Prakash PSS   prakash.parajuli@ttu.edu
Parsons, Hardy PSS   hardy.parsons@ttu.edu
Patridge, Alicia Horticulture   alicia.patridge@ttu.edu
Plowman, Russell PSS   russell.d.plowman@ttu.edu
Poff, Kirsten Horticulture   kirsten.poff@ttu.edu
Rendon, Bianca PSS   bianca.rendon@ttu.edu
Rodriguez, Lissett Horticulture   lisett.rodriguez@ttu.edu
Roper, Richard PSS   richard.roper@ttu.edu
Rubio, Amede PSS   amede.rubio@ttu.edu
Sanchez, Jacobo PSS   jacobo.sanchez@ttu.edu
Saraiva Morais, Joao Paulo PSS   joao-paulo.morais@ttu.edu
Sayeed, Md Abu PSS   a.sayeed@ttu.edu
Schaefer, Curtis PSS M.S. = Effects of irrigation and environment on cotton growth, maturity, and yield in West Texas producer fields                                      PhD = Timing of Short Term Drought on Maturity, Boll Distribution, and Yieldof Cotton Cultivars  curtis.schaefer@ttu.edu
Shockey, Jonathan PSS Investigating the application of several commercial harvest aids on guar (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (L.) Taub.) and the possible effects on gum content and quality. jonathan.shockey@ag.tamu.edu
Smith, Sherry Horticulture   sherry.smith@ttu.edu
Stellbauer, Robert (Matt) SMGT   matt.stellbauer@ttu.edu
Sterling, Janice SMGT   janice.sterling@ttu.edu
Taylor, Seth PSS   seth.taylor@ttu.edu
Tengey, Theophilus Kwabla PSS   theophilus.k.tengey@ttu.edu
Thompson, Corey PSS   corey.thompson@ttu.edu
Thu, Sandi W. PSS   sandi.w.thu@ttu.edu
Vise (Imel), Robert (Kelby) PSS “Agronomic and Economic Analysis of Drought Tolerant Crops for the Texas High Plains”.(M.S. - Spring 2015) robert.imel@ttu.edu
Wansapura, Poorna PSS Preparation and characterization of biopolymer based composite materials poorna.t.wansapura@ttu.edu
Watts, Cole Horticulture   cole.l.watts@ttu.edu
White, Clayton D. (Ray) PSS   ray.white@ttu.edu
White, Ramzi Horticulture Suppression of shoot growth and improved putting green performance with plant growth regulators ramzi.white@ttu.edu
Witt, Travis PSS Fatty Acid Compostion of Castor.  (Rec'd MS 08/09/2014 -PhD Starting Fall 2014 (Ritchie) travis.witt@ttu.edu
Xiong, Yedan (Victoria) PSS Digital Image Analysis of Old World Bluesterm Canopy Cover and Leaf Area.(Rcv'd MS 08/09/14)    Adding PhD Starting Summer 2014 Victoria.xiong@ttu.edu
Zolue, Gondah Moses PSS   gondah.zolue@ttu.edu
Zwonitzer, Martha PSS    martha.zwonitzer@ttu.edu

If you are a PSS Graduate Student and not on the list or need to change/updatePHP has encountered an Access Violation at 01F073CD your info, please e-mail your update to: psstechsupport@ttu.edu.

Last Update - Spring 2016

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