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E-Mail Address
Abeysinghe, Anusha Shayamelee Epitawaththa PSS   shayamalee.abeysinghe@ttu.edu
Acharya, Sanjit PSS   sanjit.acharya@ttu.edu
Asher, Brady (Scott) PSS   scott.asher@ttu.edu
Ayele, Addissu G. PSS   addissu.ayele@ttu.edu
Barrett, Allison PSS   allison.l.barrett@ttu.edu
Baumer, Victoria Ann Horticulture   vikibaumer@gmail.com
Belt, Christopher PSS   chris.belt@ttu.edu
Bhandari, Krishna PSS   krishna.bhandari@ttu.edu
Buiphu, Namanh PSS   namanh.buiphu@ttu.edu
Brauer, Karl PSS   karl.brauer@ttu.edu
Bryant, Corey J. Soil Science Comparison Salellite imagery for Enviromental & Ecological Applications corey.bryant@ttu.edu
Byars, Cody PSS Effects of surface hydrologic processes on playa water capacity and hydroperiod cody.byars@ttu.edu
Chagoya, Jennifer PSS   j.chagoya@ttu.edu
Chopra, Ratan PSS Transcriptome Sequencing of the U.S. Peanut Cultivar and Identification of SNPs in transcript between Cultivars.   ratan.chopra@ttu.edu
Clark, Heidi Louise Horticulture    heidi.clark@ttu.edu
Conley, Travis O. PSS   travis.conley@ttu.edu
Cox, Tricia Horticulture   tricia.cox@ttu.edu
Cunningham, Daniel Horticuture   daniel.cunningham@ttu.edu
Davis, Loren PSS   lorencasey.davis@ttu.edu
Dean, Benjamin Horticulture   DEANER06@HOTMAIL.com
Dhanoolal, Natalie Horticulture   natalie.dhanoolal@ttu.edu
Discua Duatre, Samuel PSS   sdiscua88@gmail.com
Durham, Adam PSS   adam.j.durham@ttu.edu
Emerson, Cora Lea PSS Biofuels Cropping Systems in Semi-Arid Regions   coralea.emerson@ttu.edu
Fedorczak, Lauren Horticulture   flynn.fedorczak@ttu.edu
Foster, Nathan PSS   nathan.foster@ttu.edu
(Jackson) Frederick, Caitlin PSS   caitlin.frederick@ttu.edu
Gallington, Nicholas PSS   nicholas.gallington@ttu.edu
Gaus, Teresa A. PSS Corn breeding Looking at Teosintes
Gautam, Prativa Horticulture   prativa.gautam@ttu.edu
Green, James H. PSS Characterization and Evaluation of Gypsiferous Soils for Ecosystem Remediation   james.h.green@ttu.edu
Gregory, Ryan PSS   ryan.gregory@ttu.edu
Halfmann, Gregory Scott PSS   scott.halfmann@ttu.edu
Hamilton, William (Marshall) Horticulture   wm.hamilton@ttu.edu
Hendon, Bralie PSS "Increasing fiber initiaion in nake-tufted cotton seed mutants."  bralie.hendon@ttu.edu
Herath Mudiyanselage, Maheshika U. PSS Structure and organization of cellulose in cotton fibers maheshika.herath@ttu.edu
Hopkins, Mishon PSS   mishon12@yahoo.com
Hunter, Henry PSS   henry.b.hunter@ttuhsc.edu
Imel, Robert (Kelby) PSS   robert.imel@ttu.edu
Jackson, Tanya PSS Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Aerogels tanya.jackson@ttu.edu
James, Jacob PSS   jacob.james@ttu.edu
Johnston, Kyle Horticulture Viticulture and Enology kyle.johnston@ttu.edu
Kakarla, Mamatha PSS Temporal analysis of soil microbial community diversity  and functionality across a CRP chronosequence and in converted CRP fields mamatha.kakarla@ttu.edu
Kandakji, Tarek PSS   tarek.kandakji@ttu.edu
Kelly, Brendan R. PSS   brendan.kelly@ttu.edu
Kohl, Kristina Soil Mgmt   kristina.kohl@ttu.edu
Lamichhane, Suman PSS   suman.lamichhane@ttu.edu
Li, Chenhui PSS "Biodegradable Mulches: Short-Term and impacts on Soil Health"   chenhui.li@ttu.edu
Liu, Xiaoxiao PSS   xiaoxiao.liu@ttu.edu
Liyanage, Sumedha Priyadarshani PSS Chemical and physical characterization of galactomannan extracted from guar seeds. sumedha.liyanage@ttu.edu
Loneragan, Summer PSS   summer.loneragan@ttu.edu
Manuchehri, Misha PSS   misha.manuchehri@ttu.edu
Mathangadeera, Ruvini PSS   ruvini.mathangadeera@ttu.edu
Mccormick, Kolby
PSS   mccormick.kolby@ttu.edu
McKelvey, Daria Horticulture   daria.mckelvey@ttu.edu
Merchant, Rand PSS   rand.merchant@ag.tamu.edu
Mishra, Deepika PSS   deepika.mishra@ttu.edu
Moorhead, Jerry (Jed) PSS   jed.moorhead@ttu.edu
Morgan, Christy Horticulture   christy.m.morgan@ttu.edu
Morris, Troy Shay                PSS   shay.morris@ttu.edu
Mull, Cody PSS   cody.mull@ttu.edu
Murphy, Benjamin PSS   benjamin.p.murphy@ttu.edu
Norman, Kevin PSS   kevin.norman@ttu.edu
Obenhaus, Luke
PSS   luke.obenhaus@ttu.edu
Oliver, Cameron PSS   cameron.oliver@ttu.edu
Parks, Staci Horticulture Physiological response of Olea europea L. to irrigation quality and quantity’ staci.parks@ttu.edu
Parsons, Hardy PSS   hardy.parsons@ttu.edu
Plank, Cassandra M. PSS Positive and negative effects of light on wine grapes cassandra.m.plank@ttu.edu
Price, Jacob A. PSS   jacob.price@ttu.edu
Qi, Xing PSS "Transposon Mutagenesis For Cotton Functional Genomics"   xing.qi@ttu.edu
Rawlsky, (Brenda) Kelley Horticulture   k.rawlsky@ttu.edu
Rayamajhi, Niraj Horticulture Studying Conservation genetics of endagered plants native to North America niraj.rayamajhi@ttu.edu
Rocateli, Alexandre PSS   alex.rocateli@ttu.edu
Russell, Scott A. AGRO Improving Management of Peanut Diseases caused by Soilborne Pathogens on the South Plains of Texas  sa.russell@ttu.edu
Sapkota, Praveen PSS   praveen.sapkota@ttu.edu
Schaefer, Curtis PSS Effects of irrigation and environment on cotton growth, maturity, and yield in West Texas producer fields curtis.schaefer@ttu.edu
Shafian, Sanaz PSS Estimation Crop Water Deficit Using ground cover and thermal band of medium-resolution multispectral satellite imagery sanaz.shafian@ttu.edu
Sharma, Bablu PSS Quantifying growth and boll distribution of Cotton using Remote sensing and Spatial Statistics under Multiple Irrigation Regimes bablu.sharma@ttu.edu
Sharma, Sumit PSS   sumit.sharma@ttu.edu
Sherman, Jonathan PSS In-season cotton growth of four cultivars in response of multiple irrigation levels jon.sherman@ttu.edu
Shockey, Jonathan PSS   jonathan.shockey@ag.tamu.edu
Smith, Sherry Horticulture   sherry.smith@ttu.edu
Spradley, Justin PSS   justin.spradley@ttu.edu
Sweeney, Michael T. Horticulture   michael.sweeney@ttu.edu
Tengler, Kyle Horticulture   kky.tengler@ttu.edu
Tovar, Pablo PSS   pablo.tovar@ttu.edu
Wann, Dylan PSS Developing Host-Plant Thrips Resistance in Cotton for Organic Production dylan.wann@ttu.edu
Watts, Cole Horticulture   cole.l.watts@ttu.edu
Webb, Clarence Joel PSS   clarence.webb@ttu.edu
White, Ramzi Horticulture  ramzi.white@ttu.edu
Williams, Jennifer L. Horticulture   jennifer.l.williams@ttu.edu
Witt, Travis PSS   travis.witt@ttu.edu
Xiong, Yedan (Victoria) PSS   Victoria.xiong@ttu.edu

If you are a Graduate Student and not on the list or need to change/update your info, please e-mail your update to psstechsupport@ttu.edu.

Last Update -Spring 2014

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