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Acharya, Sanjit PSS Cellulosic composite materials
Andrenko, Iryna PSS
Asher, Brady (Scott) PSS Vertical mobility, soil adsorption and cotton tolerance to three protoporphyrinogen oxidase (PPO) inhibiting herbicides in three West Texas soils.
Ayele, Addissu G. PSS
Baker, Brian Scott PSS Mapping Fiber Quality Distribution In U.S. Commercial Upland Cotton Varieties
Balasubramanian, Vimal Kumar PSS Plant cell wall Biosynthesis and Bioengineering
Baliga, Vikram PSS
Ballesteros, Robert PSS
Baxter, Lisa PSS Forages
Bhandari, Krishna PSS
Bouyanfif, Amal PSS
Brauer, Karl PSS
Buiphu, Namanh PSS Identification of Cotton microRNAs Implicated in Water-Deficit Stress
Burke, Joseph PSS Soil health management in cotton monocultures on the Texas High Plains
Cao, Chang PSS
Chagoya, Jennifer PSS
Clark, Justin PSS
Cobos, Christopher PSS
Conley, Travis O. PSS Unknown title
Cranford, Paul Horticulture
Culpepper, Travis PSS
Dhakal, Madhav PSS
Discua Duatre, Samuel PSS
Dissanayakeralalage, Niwanthi PSS
Drake, Tanner PSS
Dryer, Austin PSS
Dube, Nothabo PSS
Duda, Bogdan Matei PSS
Echevarria Laza, Haydee J. PSS
Fernandez, Melania PSS
Gallington, Nicholas PSS
Gaus, Teresa A. PSS Corn breeding Looking at Teosintes
Gendron, Jake PSS
Graff, Emily HSCI V&E
Grams, Jason HSCI
Grant, James PSS
Gregory, Ryan PSS Visual Field Screening Strategy for Purity and Seed Quality in Conventional Cotton Breeding Nurseries.  (AgriLife Assistanceship)
Halfmann, Gregory Scott PSS Phosphorous Applications Efficiency in Cotton
Hall, Anna PSS
Hatfield, Victoria PSS
Hinds, Zachary PSS
Hopkins, Mishon PSS
House, Kelsey PSS Balancing Tillage, Irrigation, and Planting in Intercropped Cotton and Sorghum
James, Jacob PSS
Jewett, Christopher PSS
Johnson, Sharon Horticulture
Kaur, Jaspreet PSS
Kerlin, John Harnsworth Horticulture
Keys, Kristie PSS
Kitazumi, Ai PSS
Koole, Lindsay Horticulture
Koonce, Austin PSS
Kubik, Mikale PSS
Kulkarni, Roshan PSS
Kusi, Nana Yaw Owusu PSS
Li, Chenhui PSS "Biodegradable Mulches: Short-Term and impacts on Soil Health"  Added PhD to program - 03/11/2013
Li, Li Hort
Liu, Xiaoxiao PSS
Liyanage, Sumedha Priyadarshani PSS Chemical and physical characterization of galactomannan extracted from guar seeds. Added PhD Spring 2014
Macha, Nicholas PSS
Manuchehri, Misha PSS Influence of Water Quality on Glyphosate Performance and Evaluation of Enlist™ Weed Control Systems in Texas High Plains Cotton
Martin, Vikki PSS
Merchant, Rand PSS
Mills, Sherah PSS V&E
Mishra, Deepika PSS Optimize selection of cotton for fiber quality traits
Moeller, Mark PSS
Moss, Cameron PSS
Mull, Cody PSS Evaluation of different ginning treatments for yield and fiber estimates in small plot research
Nemire, Bryan Jacob PSS
Norman, Kevin PSS
Obenhaus, Luke PSS Water Regression Analysis on Cotton
Pabuayon, Isaiah PSS
Parajuli, Prakash PSS
Parsons, Hardy PSS
Patridge, Alicia Horticulture
Plowman, Russell PSS
Poff, Kirsten Horticulture
Rendon, Bianca PSS
Rodriguez, Lissett Horticulture
Roper, Richard PSS
Rubio, Amede PSS
Sanchez, Jacobo PSS
Saraiva Morais, Joao Paulo PSS
Sayeed, Md Abu PSS
Schaefer, Curtis PSS M.S. = Effects of irrigation and environment on cotton growth, maturity, and yield in West Texas producer fields                                      PhD = Timing of Short Term Drought on Maturity, Boll Distribution, and Yieldof Cotton Cultivars
Shockey, Jonathan PSS Investigating the application of several commercial harvest aids on guar (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (L.) Taub.) and the possible effects on gum content and quality.
Smith, Sherry Horticulture
Stellbauer, Robert (Matt) SMGT
Sterling, Janice SMGT
Taylor, Seth PSS
Tengey, Theophilus Kwabla PSS
Thompson, Corey PSS
Thu, Sandi W. PSS
Vise (Imel), Robert (Kelby) PSS “Agronomic and Economic Analysis of Drought Tolerant Crops for the Texas High Plains”.(M.S. - Spring 2015)
Wansapura, Poorna PSS Preparation and characterization of biopolymer based composite materials
Watts, Cole Horticulture
White, Clayton D. (Ray) PSS
White, Ramzi Horticulture Suppression of shoot growth and improved putting green performance with plant growth regulators
Witt, Travis PSS Fatty Acid Compostion of Castor.  (Rec'd MS 08/09/2014 -PhD Starting Fall 2014 (Ritchie)
Xiong, Yedan (Victoria) PSS Digital Image Analysis of Old World Bluesterm Canopy Cover and Leaf Area.(Rcv'd MS 08/09/14)    Adding PhD Starting Summer 2014
Zolue, Gondah Moses PSS
Zwonitzer, Martha PSS

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