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Undergraduate Minor:
Environmental Crop and Soil Sciences

Studies in Environmental Crop and Soil Sciences provides a broad base of knowledge in plants and soils. Learn the causes of plant and crop diseases and help prevent them, how insects affect plant reproduction and growth, and what soils work best in various regions. Predict the impact of soil contaminants. Find out which irrigation practices are most effective for conserving water while maximizing crop output. Learn how to properly manage fertilizers and pesticides.

Required Courses – 7 hours:

PSS 1321 – Agronomic Plant Science
PSS 2432 – Principles and Practices in Soils (Prerequisite: CHEM 1307,1107)

Directed Electives – Select 11 hours from the following:

PSS 3321 – Forage and Pasture Crops
PSS 3322 – Grain, Fiber, and Oilseed Crops
PSS 3323 – Crop Physiology
PSS 3324 – Seed Science
PSS 3421 – Fundamental Principles of Genetics
PSS 4100 - Seminar
PSS 4321 – Fundamental Principles of Plant Breeding
PSS 4325 – Crop Water Management
PSS 4332 – Soil Classification
PSS 4335 – Soil and Plant Nutrient Management
PSS 4336 – Soil Physical Properties
PSS 4337 – Environmental Soil Science
PSS 4415 – Plant Biotechnology

Requirements for the Minor

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