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Undergraduate Minor:
Horticultural and Turfgrass Sciences

Horticulture is the application of basic scientific information to the growing and use of edible (fruits, nuts, and vegetables) and ornamental plants (annual and perennial flowers and woody plants). Today’s horticulture students focus on the challenges and practices of genetics and breeding, propagation, biotechnology, production, management, handling and storage, marketing, and use of horticultural plants.

Required Courses – 7 hours:

PSS 1411 – Principles of Horticulture
PSS 2312 – Propagation Methods (Prerequisite: PSS 1411)

Directed Electives – Select 11 hours from the following:

PSS 1311 – Winemaking Worldwide
PSS 2114 – Wine Production Lab
PSS 2210 – Floral Design
PSS 2313 – Herbaceous Plant Materials
PSS 2314 – Wine Production
PSS 3309 – Introduction to Turfgrass Science
PSS 3310 – Viticulture I
PSS 3317 – Interior Plants
PSS 3318 – Woody Plants
PSS 4111 – Winemaking Worldwide Lab
PSS 4310 – Viticulture II
PSS 4313 – Arboriculture
PSS 4314 – Garden Center and Nursery Management
PSS 4316 – Turfgrass Ecology and Physiology
PSS 4317 – Golf Course Construction
PSS 4318 – Turf Pest Management
PSS 4411 – Greenhouse Crop Production
PSS 4416 – Winemaking Quality Control and Analysis

Requirements for the Minor

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